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Is Your Church Doing Enough of God’s Work?

Some people may think if they attend church regularly, they are doing everything God wants them to do. Attending church services does give you a better understanding of living a Christ-like life, but it is important to reach out and do more in your community and expand the reach of God’s word.

How to Move the People of Your Church

Not everyone in your congregation may have the same passion as you for mission work in your community. There are three key ways to engage your church and encourage participation in mission work.

  1. Physical – Create partnerships with local non-profits whose cause is similar to your church. Local non-profit ministries are always looking for volunteers and will be eager to start a partnership with your church. Ask someone from the non-profit to come and speak after a service about their work. Having a personal connection with the outreach will give others in your church a better idea about what volunteering for them would be like.
  2. Spiritual – Find a non-profit or outreach program that has a spiritual aspect to it. Doing work for the community can bring you closer to God. The work will be the most beneficial when you find a program with the same beliefs as you and your congregation.
  3. Emotional – Giving back to your community usually involves helping those that are less fortunate than you. Taking the time to do some research about those who have been helped by the service provided can build an emotional connection. This will encourage members of your church to continue to give back.

These tactics will help to engage to members of your church and encourage them to do more service work in your community. Once you have built a small group of people participating, word of mouth will allow the group to grow. Giving back and doing something for someone else helps you connect with your faith, and soon the members of your church will all be reaping the benefits.

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