Knowing When to Retire

Deciding when to retire takes looking at both the big picture and the fine details. Since it’s a life changer, retiring is a huge decision. You must be emotionally, financially, and mentally ready to close the doors on one chapter of your life and open the doors to a new one. The key is to have a solid plan, ask yourself if you’re ready, and pray about your uncertainties.

Check Your Nest Egg

You don’t have to be a certain age to retire. Today, it’s all about how financially stable your future will be if you quit your job. You need to have money put away in a 401(k), savings account, stocks or bonds, and other investments. If you’re considering an early retirement, research how that might affect your social security payments.

Consider Your Options

Who said retirement means doing nothing for the rest of your life? For most people, retirement is the exact opposite. It’s time to finally focus on doing things you’ve always wanted. Volunteering in the community, going on mission trips, traveling the world, joining a new ministry at church—the world is your oyster. When you feel optimistic about your future, you’re emotionally ready to take the plunge.

Ask God for Advice

When in doubt, send up a prayer to the One who knows best. Ask Him to guide your steps in the right direction and bless your decision. God has already laid out your life exactly the way it’s supposed to go—trust Him to help you make this choice.

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