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Living the Beatitudes in Everyday Life

Most Christians are familiar with the Beatitudes (sometimes called the “Blesseds”) because they each begin, “Blessed are the ____.” Yet, how can you be sure you are poor in spirit or hungering and thirsting for righteousness in your everyday life? Though the Beatitudes seem complicated, there are simple ways to know you’re living them.


Poor in Spirit


“Blessed are the poor in Spirit” is the first Beatitude and commonly the most misunderstood. Some Christians assume if they are well off, they can never be poor in spirit. However, this Beatitude has nothing to do with material things, your work ethic, or how you handle money. Being poor in spirit means placing God and others above yourself. This includes praying for others before yourself and making God a part of everyday life through devotions, uplifting entertainment, attending church, and giving back to the community.




People, even Christians, assume being meek means never standing up for yourself or letting people abuse you. Jesus had harsh things to say about abuse; He once told His audience that it would be better for abusers to “[have millstones] thrown about their necks.” True meekness means practicing selflessness and humility. Apologize to a person you’ve argued with even if you feel you’re right. Donate anonymously to charity. Spend time with a lonely individual, or devote time to volunteering.


Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness


To hunger and thirst for righteousness means loving what God loves and taking a stand against what He hates. Christians often do this by peacefully protesting unjust laws, participating in worthy causes, and standing up for people who are persecuted or bullied.

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