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Loving on the Recent Graduate In Your Life

Do you have someone who recently graduated in your life?

It’s an exciting time for them and a wonderful time for you to offer love to them! Think about how excited, and also afraid, they might be. Right now is a prime window for you to come along side them and offer support, encouragement, and care.

Express Your FeelingsĀ 

Graduating from high school, college, or any advanced degree is an incredible accomplishment! Think about all of the work that it took in order to earn that degree! If you’re proud of your loved one, which we’re sure you are, make sure they know it! Write a hand written note

Give Generously

If you’re able to give financially, recent graduates will appreciate your gifts because they are just getting onto their feet. However, if you’re unable, offer what you have: food, skills (like handy work in a new apartment), or whatever you have.

Pray for Them

Tell your graduate that you’re praying for them! Ask God to bless them with patience, wisdom, and strength as they enter into a new phase of life, maybe even a new career. Consider sharing a few key Bible verses with them if you feel so led by the Spirit.

Offer Career Advice

If you’re able to offer anything helpful, help your recent graduate career advice if it’s helpful. Whether giving them ideas on what major to pick or proofreading a resume, you’d be surprised how much help even a little bit of your effort will be for them!

Help Make Connections

If your recent graduate is looking for a job, think hard and consider reading out to old connections for them. The job market is particularly difficult for young adults who are just starting out. Even if it’s just volunteer opportunities, sometimes just one little introduction can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

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