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Make Time for God in a Busy Schedule

Many women in their 50s still work at least part time on top of juggling busy social schedules, workout routines, time spent with a spouse, household tasks, and even raising children. No matter what fills your schedule, odds are you could use a little more time for God. It can be easy to push your faith to the bottom of your priority list when you have a hectic day-to-day life. Yet spending more time with God is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your faith, and your spiritual health. If you find it difficult to make time for God, try these tips.

Make Prayer a Habit

It only takes two weeks for a new behavior to become a habit. If you aren’t in the routine of daily prayer, find a time you can devote to it every day. It may be the first few minutes after you wake up or the last few minutes before you go to bed. Replace reaching for your phone – something so many of us do when we wake up – with saying a short prayer in preparation for the day.

You don’t have to keep your prayers on a strict schedule. Instead, fit them in whenever you have a few minutes to yourself. Pray on your commute to work, in the shower or bath, or as you’re preparing meals. Once you get into the habit of mentally talking with God in your free time, it will become your go-to way to pass the time – even when you only have a moment to spare. Implementing more prayer throughout your day can help you feel closer to God, without demanding a large time commitment.

Practice the Presence of God

We’ve all had moments when we’ve felt that God is present – the birth of a baby, someone buying a hot meal for a person in need, a person walking away from a terrible car accident… These are miracles where we often recognize God’s presence. But it takes a certain frame of mind to see God everywhere, in all things throughout our days. Schedule time to really connect with God on a daily basis, and practice your ability to feel the presence of God.

Find a solitary place to pray with focus and devotion at least once per day. You must put yourself in a position to shut out the noise of a busy life and really hear God. Find a time of day that offers you the best clarity of mind and ability to focus. Habitual casual prayer is an excellent habit, but you must also set time aside to delve into your reflections and devotions on a deeper level. Strive to consistently allot time for God, and be intentional in your acts of faith. Even if you can only find a few minutes to be alone with Him, practice your faith in the time you have.

Read a Christian Book

If you’re an avid reader and always have a book for pleasure on hand, replace a book you would normally read with a Christian book instead (or the Bible!). There is a huge selection of Christian books for all tastes, from inspirational non-fiction to action-packed adventure stories. When you would normally read a novel for pleasure, read a Christian book to grow your faith and bring God to mind. This simple change can help you make time for God when you otherwise would have a full schedule.

Write Your Own Prayer

One day when you have quality time to sit down and dedicate your thoughts to God, write your own heartfelt prayer. Your prayer should express your desire to follow God and strengthen your faith, as well as any other important things you typically pray about. Keep your handwritten prayer somewhere close by as a starting point for your daily time with God. Writing your own prayer makes it more poignant and personal and can start out your daily devotions on a positive note. It can also help facilitate prayer when you have limited time.

Listen to the Bible on Tape

With modern Bible apps, listening to the Word of the Lord has never been easier or more convenient. Download one of these top-rated Bible apps onto your smartphone or tablet. You can listen to the Bible from front to back, at random, or by selecting your favorite passages – all while multitasking around the house or during a commute to work. If you don’t have a smart device, purchase Bible audio books to play instead.

Being too busy for church, devotionals, or Bible study is a common problem Christian women face today. A busy schedule, however, does not have to mean shirking your walk with God. Find more quiet time to devote to your faith, and enjoy a more meaningful spiritual life.

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