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Making Your Year End Donation Go Further

As you make your Christmas lists for your friends and loved ones, are you thinking about how you’re going to give as well? While we are all on a budget of some sort. It’s difficult to see a need and feel like our gifts are small and might not be much help. But did you know that there are ways to multiply and maximize gifts and donations of all sizes without breaking the bank?

Look for Corporate Sponsors To Match Donations

If you’re willing to do a little research, you may find that a large corporation is already donating to your charity of choice. So, for example, you might look up “matching donations for St. Judes” and then get a result. Follow the instructions and donate that way.

Look for Nonprofits That Multiply Gifts

There are many nonprofits who have already paired with a sponsor who will match donations during the Christmas season. So if you give money to feed one family, it will actually end up feeding two.

Ask Your Employer to Start a Donation Program

These days there are often employers who donate to a nonprofit on behalf of their employees in addition to their salary. If you’re aware of a need in your community, bring that need before your employer and ask if that’s something they’re willing to start this year or next year.

Spend Time Selling Something or Giving a Service Away

If you don’t have much money, but have a little time, perhaps find a popular area and offer a service like face painting for children or sell hot chocolate. Make is clear that the profits are all going to a good cause. Also make sure you have permission to do this if needed.

Share on Social Media

If you’re passionate about something, you can post about it on social media. It’s possible that your friends aren’t aware that there’s sex trafficking in your community or that they can do something to feed hungry children in the Middle East. If you donate, pray about sharing your heart with your friends. While you don’t want to do a “look at how great I am post,” it is nice to share and get your friends involved so they can give too.

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