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Marriage and Romance After 50

Romance is one of the pleasures God designed for us to share in our marriage. When husband and wife come together passionately, it helps strengthen the affection that drew them together in the first place. A loving and affectionate relationship is key to lasting success.

It can become increasingly difficult to focus on that spark as we age and deal with life’s stresses. That doesn’t mean passion needs to be neglected, though! In fact, there are several easy ways to keep romance in your marriage, even after 50.

  1. Communicate. If you’ve spent a lot of time together, it can be easy to assume you know what your spouse is thinking. Instead of guessing, just ask. Tackle the tough issues and you’ll be able to connect to each other on a deeper level.
  2. Study the Word. Life is full of questions and uncertainties. Luckily, we have a book ready to guide us on our journey. Study the Bible together in times of both trouble and prosperity, and God will show you how to deal with stressors so you can focus on other things.
  3. Forgive. Jesus died so our sins could be wiped clean. If he is willing to forgive us for the decisions we make, we should be willing to extend that same consideration to our spouse.
  4. Be selfless. Dignity can make it difficult to approach life with a servant’s heart, but that is what we’re called to do for Christ. Doing favors for your husband should be rewarding for both of you.

When you focus on serving God, following his teachings, and being honest with each other, your marriage will experience a new level of passion fueled by strong and wholesome love.

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