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Must-Read Books This Summer

Trying to find books that keep you interested and bring you closer to your faith isn’t always easy. Joyce Meyer and C.S. Lewis are fantastic starting points, but if you’ve already read the classics, here are three new options just hitting the shelves.

Brush of Wings by Karen Kingsbury

Mary Catherine moves to Uganda to work at an orphanage despite warnings from her doctor about her need for a heart transplant. With no children of her own, she wants to spend the time she has left helping children. However, her plans hit a roadblock when she accidentally falls in love with Marcus Dillinger, an MLB player. For reasons of her own, Mary Catherine doesn’t let on to Marcus or her friends just how serious her heart condition is.

Unashamed by Christine Caine

In a refreshing departure from traditional “self help” books, Christine Caine writes about her own experiences dealing with feelings of inadequacies and limitations in a way that’s funny, optimistic, and empowering. Caine helps women find freedom and self-worth, promoting a confident lifestyle that’s led by the belief that God is bigger than your mistakes.

I Am N by David C. Cook

I Am N gives fifty stories of today’s persecuted Christians in light of current Islamic extremist events. He takes readers into the world of the persecuted through real-life people living it and sheds light on God’s perspective on the subject. I Am N can help you nurture your own faith.

Consider one of these for your next book club, and grow in fellowship with like-minded friends.

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