Family Relationships

Your New Attitude in the New Year

With the new year comes an opportunity to make some important changes.

Have you found that you’re struggling in any of your relationships? Maybe with your spouse, sibling, parent, child, or even a colleague. Jesus makes it very clear that we should not only show kindness to those who show kindness to us, but to everyone.

While it’s easy to look at someone else and identify the things that they would need to change in order for your relationship to improve, it’s much, much more difficult to think about the things you could or should do to get the same result.

Pray About Your Attitude

Ask God to reveal to you the things you need to do to improve your relationships or circumstances. Are you disengaging out of fear or reacting out of frustration? Ask God to help you see a situation more clearly and to help adjust your heart so that you’re serving him as best you can.

Look to the Bible for Examples

Sometimes when we read the Word, God pulls on our heart in new ways depending on what’s going on in our lives and what he wants to teach us. There are clear examples and directions to demonstrate forgiveness. But as you read, notice the way different people act and what you might learn from them.

Consider Going to Counseling

There’s nothing quite like having an impartial third-party person to help you see a situation more clearly. You will be able to confide in this person and tell him or her all of the details. Your counselor will then be able to help you by telling you hard truths about yourself, whether or not this relationship is salvageable, or if you should protect yourself in a different way.

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