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NFL Players Who Are Christians

You may or may not realize it, but the Super Bowl is right around the corner! On Sunday, February 4th, our nation’s top two NFL teams from this year’s season will face off and fight for the title of Super Bowl Champions.

Did you know that there are many believers in the NFL? In fact, several former players have gone on to become pastors. Here’s a short list of professional athletes who have played for the NFL and are also Christians.

Tim Tebow

Team/Season: Denver Broncos 2010-2012 and New York Jets 2012
About: Famous for praying on the field, Tim Tebow is very open about his faith on and off the field. Tebow currently plays professional baseball for the New York Mets. He also runs the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Terry Crews

Team/Season: Los Angeles Rams 1991-1993, San Diego Chargers 1993-1994, Washington Redskins 1995, Philadelphia Eagles 1996.
About: Although he is probably more famous for his acting career than his football career at this point, Terry Crews is a vocal advocate on faith and addiction recovery.

Napoleon Kaufman

Team/Season: Oakland Raiders 1995-2000
About: After leaving the NFL, this Kansas City native became a pastor. He currently preaches at The Well Christian Community Church.

Ken Hutcherson

Team/Season: Dallas Cowboys 1974, San Diego Chargers 1975, Green Bay Packers 1975, Seattle Seahawks 1976
About: This former linebacker also became a pastor after leaving the NFL. Although he passed away from cancer in 2013, he served many years as the pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, Washington.

Miles McPherson

Team: San Diego Chargers 1982-1985
About: The pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, McPherson is also a motivational speaker. He has several books including Do Something! Make Your Life Count! And God in the Mirror: Discovering Who You Were Created to Be. He also won an Emmy for producing a documentary called Master Meth.


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