Family Relationships

Research Shows Those Who Pray Together, Stay Together

A recent study shows couples who attend church together and pray together have a stronger relationship than those who don’t. Shared prayer can also help strengthen the relationships within your entire family.

How is it Affecting Your Marriage?

Researchers have found that the strongest predictor of relationship satisfaction is shared prayer. Praying together and attending church helps you and your spouse connect on a much deeper level.

What changes can you make?

If you are not already, attend a regular church service together. If you already attend regular service, do something extra in your church community each week. Another step to increase satisfaction is to pray out loud together. An important way to show support for you spouse is by praying for guidance in a stressful time in their life.

Spend time serving together in your community. Find a cause your church supports and give back to your community. This time spent serving together can bring you closer together.

Change Your Household

Prayer should be the life and heartbeat of your Christian home. When you and your family pray together, you are encouraging your spouse and children to thrive in their faith. Becoming intimate with God allows you to experience His love and His presence in your daily lives. Prayer will bring the presence to everyone’s attention and show how He is guiding your family through life.

Focus on Each Other Individually

As you, your spouse, and your children are praying together, gear your prayers to each individuals needs. This shows your family you are keeping in mind the things in their life that are stressful and how God’s guidance during these times is important to you. This is especially important to your spouse. Paying attention to the needs of each other can go a long way to help you make a deep connection. Sharing in a connection to God will allow your marriage to last through any trials that come your way.

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