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Retirement and Your Spiritual Life

Are you on the verge of retirement or have you already retired? Have you thought about that what means for your spiritual life? Often, when we’re employed or busy with a job like raising children, we put our identity in that.

Think about it: In our culture, when you meet someone, what do you ask them? “Hi! What’s your name?” and “What do you do?” While it’s an innocent enough question, it’s easy to see how we wrap up our identity in the work that we do, rather than who we are and who God says we are.

So when retirement comes around, many people struggle for this specific reason: they have a difficult time labeling themselves. But what if you were to think about this time of life as a time to invest in your spiritual life, to really dive deep in the Word and also your identity in Christ?

Invest Time in Those Who Need It

We know that we are called to be imitators of Christ. So as why not act as Christ would to those who need him most? Now that you have more time, it’s a great time to think about how to do that and to be very intentional with your time, actions, and money.

Do Something New

If you’ve been in banking your entire adult life, it might be a nice idea to volunteer your time to help young bankers. However, it might also be good for you to try something completely different so that you can explore what the Lord has in store for you or has to teach you in something outside of your comfort zone.

Take Time for Contemplation

This is an excellent time for you to spend time contemplating some of the bigger moments/thoughts/feelings of your life. Think about meaning, what God has done for you, and how you’ve seen God move. It might be a good idea to write these things down so that they are able to be passed onto future generations. This will allow you to gain perspective and to explore the wisdom God has given you over the years.

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