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Should I Consider Running?

You might see runners who regularly job through your neighborhood or down nearby streets and wonder if it’s a good idea for you to start running. This form of exercise can be a great way get in your cardio and even to burn a lot of calories, which makes it great for losing weight.

But is running a good idea for you, specifically? There are a lot of factors that you should consider. No matter what, though, you should talk to your doctor.

Running is NOT a Good Idea If You Have Joint Pain

While you may be able to work up to running with the help of a professional trainer or even a routine you work out with your doctor, often if you have hip, knee, or ankle damage, you are not likely going to be a good candidate for running because of the pressure it can create in your joints.

Running IS a Good Idea if You’re in Good Physical Health

Like all activity, you should clear it with your doctor, but generally speaking, if you’re in decently good health, should should be able to work up to exercising.

Running is NOT a Good Idea During Certain Times of Year

Running is not always a year-round sport because of the dangers it can present. In the winter, due to low levels of sunlight, it is often difficult for drivers to see runners. Additionally, cold weather can create hazards including patches of ice that can increase the likelihood of slipping and falling. However, in the hotter months, it can be difficult to exert oneself in extreme heat.

Running IS a Good Idea if You Have a Safe Place To Do It

If you have an indoor track or treadmill at a nearby recreation center, those are both ideal places to start running! They’re safe year-round and usually air conditioned!