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Tips for Becoming a Better Father

If you, or perhaps your significant other, is a father, congratulations! You have a tremendous responsibility on your shoulders as well as a huge blessing. Throughout history, many men have voiced feeling uncertain about their skills as a father because they did not have a good example of a father. If you feel that this applies to you, here are a few tips to help you become a better father.

Show Interest In What Your Kids Care About

Whether your child is 10 and wants to play Pretty, Pretty Princess or 45 and interested in purchasing an RV, if you’re willing to show that you care about their interests, you’ll be communicating to your child that you care about them.

Give You Kids a Hug

While your parents may have raised you not to express your feelings, the world has changed and scientists have proven that physical affection is really important! Give you child or children a hug whenever it’s appropriate. If you’ve never been a hugger, or they’re not huggers, ask if it’s okay to hug them.

Boost Their Self Esteem

Did you know that a person’s inner voice is the same voice that their parents used when they talked to them as a child? That’s why it’s so important to speak positively to your children and about them. When you tell your children the good things about them, they will feel batter about themselves. It doesn’t have to be some big profession every day, but even just encouraging them in the little things. Encourage them to express their feelings, good and bad, and don’t force them to “toughen up.”

Be Good to Their Mom

It’s proven that if a child’s father is good to their mother, they feel more secure and are happier as adults. Even if you are divorced or separated from their mother, find ways to speak positively about her, help her out, and support her. Find ways to demonstrate that there is no such thing as a “woman’s task” or tasks that are beneath you as a man.

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