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Six Social Media Rules to Teach Your Children

Social media is everywhere. Often times it seems like it may be taking over the lives of our children. They quickly become obsessed with the latest trend on social media and are constantly concerned with the reactions of others. Social media can be a great way to stay in contact with family and friends, but can be dangerous. One wrong post can affect your child’s life forever. Here are some rules to implement with your children to manage their social media usage.

  1. Don’t Share Important Information

Advise your children on what information should not be shared over the internet. Things like your home address or phone number can give ill-intentioned people a means to contact you.

  1. Privacy Settings

All social media sites are equipped with privacy settings. This allows you to determine who is looking at your social media page. Explain to your children the importance of keeping things private and why you should only share with people you know.

  1. Be Open About What You See

Explain to your children there will be information on social media they may be uncomfortable with. Remind them they can share anything with you and to make you aware if anything on their page is making them uncomfortable.

  1. Think How You Will Affect Others

Remind them to think about their actions before they post anything. Have them ask themselves questions like, what would God think of this, what will this post make others think of me? These questions will encourage them to move forward with caution and not post anything inappropriate.

  1. Only Accept Friends You Actually Know

There is a chance your children will be approached by people they don’t know on social media. Advise them to only follow or be friends with people they physically know in the real world.

  1. Check in on Them

It is important to set boundaries and check in on what they are doing. Try not to be too invasive or intrude on their privacy, but keep an eye on their social media interactions.

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