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Thanking God for Your Health, No Matter What

As we age, the list of ailments we acquire seems to be growing constantly. Some are minor annoyances, but sometimes they can be much more serious. But no matter what your situation, it is still important for us to be grateful for health that we do have.

Why it’s important to thank God for your health — no matter what:

Displaying Gratitude is a Powerful Witness

It’s easy to be grateful to God in the good times. When we have money, health, positive relationships, etc., it’s not that hard at all! However, when we’re feeling poorly, God’s blessings on us do not cease to exist. Additionally, by sharing the unchanging joy that is God’s love, it’s a powerful witness to those who do not share our faith.

Don’t Be Afraid to be Honest with God and Others

If you’re in extreme pain or you’re feeling afraid, that’s okay. It’s important not to hide your feelings, because true gratitude isn’t the same thing as covering up fear. Be honest about where you are in the moment with yourself, with God, and with others. Stating facts is not wrong, it’s stating truth. However, the difference between being a complainer and having a grateful heart is all about your perspective.

You Still Have Your Life

It’s okay to acknowledge where you are coming from when you’re having a difficult time with your health. However, it’s important to then to also recognize that God’s grace is sufficient and every breath is a chance to bless others with His love.

Look Forward

We are not promised health, wealth, or ease in life, but we are promised life everlasting with God in Heaven–where there will be no suffering or pain.  

Take some time today to meditate on the joy that will come with our new life in Heaven. If it’s difficult for you to feel a sense of gratitude in this life, perhaps you can look forward to the joy that awaits you in Heaven.


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