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Thanksgiving Crafts to Try This Year

If you’re the crafting type, Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to stretch your creative wings and test your skills! Are you looking for some inspiration?

Here’s a list of Thanksgiving crafts that you can do alone or with friends and family:

Decorate Your Table

Cornucopia Centerpiece – Looking for an exciting centerpiece that is sure to have everyone talking? Here’s an edible and very beautiful way to create a cornucopia centerpiece.

Candle Holders – There many ways to do unique candle holders on or around the dinner table. Consider doing something like this.

Napkin Rings – There are a ton of different options out there, but here’s a list of 25 DIY Napkin Holder ideas. Which one is your favorite?

Cornucopia Takeaway Gifts – Whether you’re hosting dinner or going to another person’s home, it’s always nice to leave guests with a little something to take home! Consider these cornucopia treats!

Leaf Garland – This leaf garland is the perfect way to dress up the walls around your table. Consider adding glitter to highlight the leaf tips or veins.

General Holiday Decor

Hand Turkeys –  What a fun tradition to start: Each year it might be fun to do new hand tracing, especially if you have children growing up in your home, and layer them like this.

The Gratitude Game – Check out this gratitude game and consider how you might customize it for your family.

Turkey Pine Cones – This one is perfect if you live in a wooded area: make turkey pine cones.

Coloring Pages – If you’re an artist, consider drawing some coloring pages for any children who might be at your Thanksgiving day gathering. If you’re not a great artist, look for printable coloring pages.

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