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The Power Of OTT

One of GEB America’s OTT carriers is Lifestream.TV. Have you ever wondered what OTT is?

When discussing the video streaming and entertainment industry, we hear the term “OTT” being thrown in a lot. Experts in the field understand that this refers to “over-the-top” content, but to many it remains a mystery. First off, OTT is the distribution of film content and video-on-demand through the internet without requiring viewers to subscribe to a satellite TV service or cable. In other words, it is possible to receive content on-the-go – wherever and whenever you want it – thereby completely changing the game for many businesses.

According to the latest Ericsson Mobility report, video is expected to take up 70% of mobile traffic by 2021. This suggests that mobile delivery content is an important digital marketing channel to address. It may not seem like companies can profit from sharing their content for free, much less having to pay for streaming solutions, but you will come to realize how crucial it is to business growth.

With the internet, people from all over the world can enjoy the content. Due to technological advances, it is now possible to target potential customers from different parts of the world. For this reason, OTT represents a new opportunity for companies to reach out to a wider audience.

The power of OTT lies in its wide range of functions. Viewers can stream content on the TV, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, digital media boxes, and many more. Another important value-added feature that OTT provides is its possibility to integrate user accounts in social networks, thereby allowing one to store user generated content and view it on various devices.

More and more companies are realizing that streaming is simply the most practical delivery model for the audience. This is particularly true when it comes to mobile devices. Every day, you will encounter someone at the office, at school, or on the subway who is on their mobile device; this individual is a potential audience. This is a time where your content can resonate and engage with your audience, and all through a mobile device.

This is where Lifestream.tv comes in. Digital media is an essential and cost efficient method that increases viewership effectively. As a result, Lifestream.tv delivers media streaming solutions for all types of Christian Ministries, Leaders, Bishops, Apostles, Evangelists, and Pastors. The mission is to take God’s message to the world. With OTT, this is attainable one device at a time.

LifestreamTV offers multiple media streaming solutions, such as video on demand, 24/7 internet television network, 24/7 broadband radio network, live event broadcast services, and mobile streaming. The mobile streaming service is especially important because LifestreamTV makes it seamless for the audience to view the content on different types of mobile devices, like Roku.

Roku is an effective video distribution platform for OTT that does not compromise the video quality. It allows LifestreamTV to easily import, manage, and curate video as well as distribute it to the audience. This platform covers multiple devices in one go. As a result, LifestreamTV utilizes Roku to stream live and archived video content to their audience around the world.

In fact, a recent study from comScore suggests that OTT streaming devices like Roku are the fourth most common in-home access point. According to this study, Roku devices hold the largest market share among OTT devices accessed in American households, thus, Roku TV is another platform for LifestreamTV to reach even more individuals in one household. Essentially, you can “go to church” as a family at home.

Taking all these into consideration, OTT is certainly a technological breakthrough for all businesses. Embracing the new world that OTT brings may just be the solution one needs to grow the business. LifestreamTV understands this and uses it to get ahead of the competition. Through OTT, LifestreamTV provides the best audience experience.

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