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The Value of Diversity in Friendship

Take a moment to do an inventory on your friends. How long have you known them? How close would you say your relationship is? Do you feel that they’re positive relationships? Are your friends all in a similar season in life? Do they live in the same area? Do they believe the same things you do?

While there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, if you begin to realize that all of your friends are very similar and very similar to you, perhaps take a moment to consider adding to your friends circle.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider diversifying your friend circle:

Diversity in Friendship Causes Growth

Diversity is important because it encourages people of different backgrounds to get to know each other and mutually benefit. Often when we’re face-to-face with someone who believes something different than we do, we have the opportunity to have meaningful conversations that challenges our ways of thinking. That brings growth!

Diversity in Friendship Encourages Empathy

Do you have friends who have a different skin color than you? Do you have friends who are gay and straight? Do you have friends who have kids and friends who don’t? Getting to know and care for a person who has life experiences that are different from your own invites you in and encourages empathy in all interactions.

Diversity in Friendship Allows Us to Practice Our Faith

If all of your friends are Christians, you’re probably not in a place where you’re nourishing a good relationship in the name of evangelism. Your sole mission in getting to know a non-christian should not be to convert them, but, instead, to love them how Jesus loves us–whether they become a Christian or not. It’s important that your friendships are not only with other believers, but those who need the Gospel most.

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