Family Relationships

Tips for Repairing a Broken Relationship

“Forgive us father for our trespasses, as we have forgiven those who trespass against us.”

It’s a line that many Christians know from the Lord’s prayer. We read again and again and again in the Bible, particularly in Jesus’ own words, that doing everything we can to forgive and salvage broken relationships is not only a good thing do to, but something God has called us to do.

Is there a broken relationship in your life that needs healing? Perhaps it is with your spouse. Maybe your mother or father, sister or brother, or even you own child. Or maybe it is a friend or someone at church. Whoever it is, take time to read this list of suggestions and to help repair a broken relationship.

First and Always, Pray

Ask God to give you an open mind and a heart towards healing. Often when there is a conflict, our emotions cloud our judgement and even though we might hope for grace in that, we don’t grant grace to others for doing the same thing. Remember that people can change, if they decide to change. Pray that God would heal the wounds in your heart and to continue to help you forgive.

Understand the Difference Between Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Not all relationships can be reconciled, but we are called to forgive no matter what. That said, as a believer, you can see how God’s heart would delight in reconciliation. As long as a relationship isn’t dangerous to your personal safety or threatens your emotional wellbeing because of abuse, do try to do what you can to reconcile a broken relationship.

Communicate Wisely

When you’re ready and able, communicate with the person and let them know that you would like to have a conversation. Tell them that you are ready to listen to their feelings and would also like a change to talk about your feelings–not to blame, but to attempt to build a bridge.

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