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Tips for Selling Your Home During the Winter

Did you know that the real estate market’s hottest time is during the warmer seasons of the year? There are many reasons for this, but that doesn’t mean that if you’re ready to see your house during the cooler months that you should necessarily wait.

However, it can be a challenge to get a house to sell during the winter months, so here are a few tips if you’re considering moving:

Make Sure Your Home is Well Lit

Colder weather means that the sun sets earlier and rises later. Chances are you’ll have some buyers looking at your property in the evening. Make sure that your home is warm and inviting by taking care to light it well. This includes outdoor lights if needed!

Remember to Make it Smell Good

Everyone loves the smell of Christmas! If you’re having an open house, light some lightly scented candles or have your realtor lightly simmer a pot of oranges and cinnamon sticks while potential buyers tour the home.

Don’t Over Decorate

You should definitely decorate for the holidays, but particularly around Christmas, don’t over decorate. You want your home to appear as spacious as possible and it’s important to remember that your taste may not be a buyer’s taste in holiday decor. Go for simple, clean, and elegant decorations that are not highly personalized. Your buyer needs to be able to envision themselves in your home.

Create a Boots Station

Any good realtor won’t let buyers walk through your house with muddy or snowy boots on, but make a small station for boots by the front door or outside the front door if possible. This makes it clear that you want visitors to remove their shoes.

Mind Your Curb Appeal

It’s very important to be on top of things like raking the leaves, pulling or cutting dead plants, and maintaining a nice yard, even in the winter months.
Try to Get Pictures Ahead of Time

If at all possible, try to get pictures of your home (or at least the outside) taken in the spring, summer, or early fall. The light usually turns out better and it’s nice for a buyer to be able to see the home with living plants and no snow.

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