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Trendy Health Drinks Explained

Have you been at the grocery store lately and found yourself asking, “What the heck is that?” Komboucha? Kefir? There are so many seemingly new and trendy drinks out there that most of us feel too intimidated to pronounce them let alone taste them.

But it turns out that most of these drinks have some incredible health benefits. So if you’re looking to sip your way to good health, here’s a list of trendy drinks for you to try.

What it is: Komboucha is fermented tea. The taste is a little unusual at first, but if you’re a seasoned tea drinker, you’ll find that it’s somewhere between a strong tea and a carbonated beverage. If you try one and don’t like it, try another flavor. It comes in just about any flavor imaginable. It’s pronounced: com-boo-cha
Benefit: Komboucha contains live bacteria (just like yogurt does) that act as a probiotic.

Kefir Milk
What it is: Kefir is a sour-tasting drink that is made from fermented cow’s milk. If that sounds like too much for you, should know that even experts suggest that you build up a tolerance. It is pronounced: Keh-FEER
Benefit: Kefir also has a lot probiotics that improve digestive health because of live bacteria. This, in turn, helps boost your immune system.   

Kefir Water
What it is: Kefir water is a probiotic drink that is made by using kefir grains, or bacteria culture, to flavor sugar water or juice. This may be easier to drink than kefir milk.
Benefit: The benefits of kefir water are similar to those of kefir milk, using the good bacterias to help your digestive and immune systems.

Mushroom Coffee
What it is: Mushroom Coffee is all the rage in 2017. A mushroom powder is mixed right into regular coffee. Most report being able to taste a slight difference between mushroom coffee and regular coffee.
Benefit: Mushroom coffee releases cancer-fighting antioxidants into your body.

Matcha Tea
What it is: Matcha is just green tea that has been finely milled into a powder. Because it is so powerful, it can be a little bit expensive.
Benefit: Matcha is consumed for its very high level of cancer fighting antioxidants.

Drinking Chocolate
What it is: This one doesn’t sound so bad, right? While it isn’t exactly hot chocolate, it’s similar and has no sugar and low in calories.
Benefit: In addition to tasting good, drinking chocolate introduces flavonoids into your body that processes nitric oxide, lowers blood pressure and improves heart health.

Golden Milk
What it is: Golden Milk is simply a mixture of steamed coconut milk and turmeric.
Benefit: Golden milk has strong anti-inflammatory properties and may help with chronic pain from conditions like arthritis. 


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