Unique Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas


Are you hoping to go on a mission trip this year or next? Are you hoping to spread the love of Jesus by serving others who need it most? Whether it is disaster relief in a nearby town or on the other side of the globe, there’s one thing that all mission trips have in common: they require money.

If you’re hoping to serve but need to raise some money, here are a few unique mission trip fundraising ideas:

Host an Event

Whether its a spaghetti valentine’s dinner with entertainment (volunteers from the church’s choir, for example) or a mini-golf tournament, sell tickets to an event that will allow you to fundraise! Enlist the help of others who also want to raise money and share the profits.

Other ideas include a carnival, a talent show, pancake dinner (try charging $1 per pancake), or even putting on a play or a show.

Perform a Service

Often doing work is a great way to raise money. If you let people know why you’re working, then you may be surprised to find that they’re happy to give more than you’re asking as a suggested donation.

Ideas include washing cars, babysitting, walking dogs, mowing lawns, do hair/nails, offer to clean someone’s home, etc.

Sell Something

You could most certainly clear out your closets in your home, but you might be surprised to see how willing others are to give out/donate their items in a way that can make money to further your cause.

Ideas include: hosting a raffle or a silent auction (ask local businesses to donate services or gift cards), host a community yard sale, host a pumpkin patch and take a portion of the profits, sell fundraising cards, sell chili lunches to church members after the last service, sell baked goods, or anything else you can think of.

Have you ever had a successful fundraiser for a mission trip? What did you do?


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