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What to Say When People Bring up the End Times

Everywhere we turn, it seems like Christians are talking about the end times and predicting that they are close at hand. With so many opinions out there, which ones are right? Are any of them? How should you respond to predictions and opinions? While there are no easy answers, there are ways to handle end time conversations with grace.


What Are Signs of the End Times?


Some Christians point to every upheaval, natural disaster, or war as a sign of the end times. The Bible cautions that these are only “the beginning of labor pains.” Events like these may signal an approach of the end times, but not necessarily the end times themselves. Actual signs may include the rebuilding of a Jewish temple in Jerusalem, rampant false teaching on many topics, and flagrant advances toward a one-world government.


Will the Church Be Present for the Tribulation?


The tribulation is a seven-year period in which God makes a final judgment on the unbelieving world. Many experts believe that Christians won’t be present for this period. However, they also believe non-Christians who are saved after the rapture will go through the tribulation by default.


Will There Be a Rapture?


The Bible doesn’t contain the word “rapture” in any translation. However, certain verses speak directly to the “carrying away” of believers. The Rapture occurs in a single moment when God takes His children to heaven to protect them from His final judgment. Believers receive glorified bodies and meet Christ in the air. Living saints will also meet Christians who have previously died.

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