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10 Unbeatable Biblical Baby Names

If you’re expecting a new baby, chances are you’ve already thought about what his or her name will be. Many Christian families want a Biblical baby name but get overwhelmed with the many options. We’ve gathered some of our favorite Biblical baby names to help you out.

Boy Names

Gideon. This name means “great warrior.” Gideon was the warrior who saved Israel from invading Midianites.

Joseph. When Joseph was born, his mother Rachel gave the name its meaning: “may the Lord add another son.” Joseph is a hero from Genesis and shares his name with Jesus’ earthly father.

Andrew. This name means “manly” or “courageous” and is the name of a disciple.

Micah. This name means “who is like God” and is a variation of Michael. It’s also the name of a prophet.

Timothy. This name means “honoring God” and is the name of one of Paul’s closest friends in the Bible.

Girl Names

Elizabeth. This name can mean “God’s promise” or “consecrated to God.” It was the name of John the Baptist’s mother and lends itself to several strong nicknames (i.e., Liz, Beth, Lizzie, and Eliza).

Rebecca. The name of Isaac’s wife can mean “bound,” “tied,” or “captivating.”

Anna. This name means “gracious” or “grace.” It can be paired with virtue names, as in Anna Joy, Anna Grace, and Anna Faith. It’s also the name of a venerable New Testament woman.

Lydia. This name means “beauty” and is the name of a seller of purple cloth whom Paul converted in the Bible.

Julia. Julia was a popular Latin name in New Testament eras that means “youthful.” Julie and Juliet are variations.

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