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3 Encouraging Scriptures for Single Women

In today’s society, single women are often made to feel like “less” or “leftovers.” They battle loneliness, hopelessness, and depression, but may be afraid to express these feelings for fear of being labeled discontent. Scripture uplifts single women and can show you how to glorify God in singleness.

Colossians 2:10

This Scripture tells us we are “filled in Him.” In other words, God is the one who makes us complete, not another person. Most single women look at this verse as yet another admonition against discontentment. Looked at another way, though, this verse can be an encouragement to go after goals other than marriage and to seek what God has for you to do. Your completeness in Him means you are uniquely equipped to do the work He made for you alone.

Psalm 37:4

This Scripture says God will give us the desires of our hearts. It is not a guarantee that you will find a husband. However, it is an invitation to delight in the Lord whether you are single or married. If you are discontent with singleness, constructively express that. Pray that God would fill your heart with desire for Him and that a husband would come in His time

Ephesians 2:10

This verse, which calls us God’s workmanship, reminds women how beautiful they are in His sight. Many single women feel that although they’re intelligent, pretty, and godly, they’re still “defective” because they don’t have a husband. Ephesians 2:10 is a reminder that God doesn’t make defects. Every creation is His unique work, equipped to be and do something special for Him.


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