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Keeping the Enemy From Crippling You

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus heals a woman who has been crippled for 18 years. The Bible indicates Satan was primarily responsible for her ailment. However, Satan is not wholly responsible for illness and disabilities. The presence of illness does not indicate the person has sinned, but Satan can spiritually and emotionally cripple us. The woman in Luke 18 has much to teach us about keeping that from happening.

Mentally Straighten Yourself

Satan wants nothing more than to keep us bent over, looking at the “dirt” of our lives. He wants us to rehearse negative thoughts like, “I’m no good. God can’t use me. I’ve sinned too much. I’m not as worthy or talented as this person.” When we rehearse negative thoughts, we become like a person walking stooped over, staring at the dirt. We can only see the reality in front of us, not God’s plans. This makes us ineffective.

Scripture teaches us that we can mentally pull to a standing position, remembering what God tells us. Tell yourself you are more than a conqueror through Him, His beautiful workmanship chosen to do unique kingdom work, and the apple of His eye.

 Reach Out for Jesus’ Touch

 Of the healings Jesus performed, the crippled woman’s is one of the only ones in which He made direct contact. Scholars have suggested He chose to touch this woman to show His power. After 18 years, she might not have believed anyone could help her or wanted to be near her. Jesus encourages us to reach out for His touch today, even when we feel untouchable. Though you may not feel a physical sensation, asking for a touch of mercy and power will remind you how close He is.

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