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3 Scriptures to Uplift Widows

Jesus has much compassion for widows; they’re mentioned several times in the Bible as women to care for and respect. If you’ve recently lost your husband, your heart may still be broken. God understands and provides plenty of encouraging Scriptures in the Bible – His love letter to you.


Psalm 68:5


This verse says God is a “defender of widows in His holy habitation.” In other words, even from heaven, the holiest place in the universe, God looks down and takes heed of widows. He makes defending them a priority. In ancient Israel, widows were not highly favored. They were dependent on the charity of others for survival, let alone comfort. Yet God penned verses like this one to show His view of widows is different. If you feel forgotten, too dependent on others, or singled out for suffering, cling to this verse.


Psalm 34:18


This is one of the most popular verses in Psalms, and it assures us God is close to those “crushed in spirit.” “Crushed” is the perfect word to describe losing a beloved spouse. You have lost a life partner, and “heartbroken” sometimes doesn’t capture that. In using such a strong word, God communicates His compassion and understanding. He also promises to remain close during this time and build up your heart again.


Pexels / Pixabay

Pexels / Pixabay


Jesus spoke this verse when His disciples were afraid of being left alone after His death. In it, He promises not to leave them “comfortless” and says, “I will come to you.” Jesus does not leave you comfortless. Though you can’t see Him, He is always there to comfort and hold you.

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