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4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Cold

Cold and flu season is here, which means plenty of sneezing and sniffling. You’re likely to get at least one cold this winter, but if you know how to fend it off, it won’t stick around for long.


When you have a cold, your doctor will tell you to get plenty of rest. If you’re fatigued during the day or your mind feels “fuzzy,” your body is probably trying to tell you it’s overworked. Take a break from work—even a short one. Indulge in a quick nap if you can, and do relaxing activities like reading.

Drink Fluids

You’re more likely to catch cold if dehydrated. Keep a filled water bottle close at hand; water is the best drink for your system. If you must drink something else, go for low-sugar juices. Orange and cranberry have plenty of vitamins.

Stay Warm

As you get a cold, your body may actually feel colder. Always bundle up on chilly days, and stay warm inside. Use a space heater at your desk if your office is cold. Enjoy an electric blanket at night—just turn it off when it’s not in use.

Wash Your Hands

Cold germs spread like wildfire in the winter. Be particularly vigilant if you:

  • Teach or work in schools—especially elementary schools
  • Frequent the gym
  • Eat out frequently
  • Have a job that requires house calls, such as cable repair or plumbing
  • Work in a hospital or clinic

Use hand sanitizer, and wash your hands frequently in hot, soapy water for as long as it takes to sing the birthday song in your head.

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