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6 Devotionals for Women

We are very blessed in this day and age to be able to openly read the Gospel and to have access to educational materials on the Word through devotionals. Many women find that they enjoy  reading devotionals written specifically for women. If that experience rings true to you, here are six devotionals you might like that are written for female believers.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart
By Elizabeth George
Book Description: Experience deep and lasting fulfillment as you become the woman God created you to be! Updated with fresh scriptural insights and practical guidance, this must-have edition of George’s best-selling book equips you with the tools you need to live out God’s priorities in your marriage, family life, spiritual journey, and ministry.

She Reads Truth
This is an online devotional that you can be delivered into your inbox or you can read on the She Reads Truth app on your phone. For more information, read their “About” page.

Trusting God Day By Day
By Joyce Meyer
Book Description: The world wants you to place your trust in your circumstances, your success, your talents and the opinions of others. But God’s called you to rise above the world, and put your full trust in Him – to believe and apply what He’s promised in His Word more than anything else.

Ester Bible Study Book: It’s Tough Being a Woman
By Beth Moore
Book Description: If you’ve ever felt inadequate, threatened, or pushed into situations that seemed overpowering, this is the Bible study for you. Just as it was tough being a woman in Esther’s day, it’s tough today. This portion of God’s Word contains treasures to aid us in our hurried, harried, and pressured lives.

Extraordinary Women Ministry Website
This is another online resource that features devotionals written specifically for women. To read them, click this link.

Heavenly Minded Mom: A 90 Day Journey to Embrace What Matters Most
By Katie Bennett
Book Description: The lives of moms are all too often consumed with wearisome, empty striving. We work to keep up appearances, meet worldly standards, and find satisfaction in the offerings of this life such as success, admiration, and ease. However, God has set eternity in a mother’s heart, and deep inside, we long for more. 

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