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Ways to Make Extra Money

Whether you are in debt or just would like to have more disposable income, you might consider investing time in something called a “side hustle.” This term has been made popular by Millennial who are drowning in student loan debt and have chosen to take on a side job or project to attempt to make ends meet.

However, it isn’t something that is just limited to younger people. People of all ages are starting to take on and monetizing smaller projects. If this sounds appealing to you, consider some of the following ideas:

Take on a Weekend Job
Even if it’s just temporarily, if you’re in desperate need for income many times you can make extra money working a job in your off hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s working at the local farmer’s market or delivering pizza. You’d be surprised how quickly that extra money adds up!

Consider Driving for Uber or Lyft
Want to make extra money on your own schedule? Look into ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft. You can offer rides to those in need whenever it is convenient for you and get paid for it!

Coupons or Try some Money Saving Apps
Did you know there are several apps that pay you to shop? Look into options Ibotta, Ebates, Dosh and other options!

Try Secret Shopping
There are several companies, particularly in larger cities, that will pay you to be a secret shopper. Often the opportunities are slim at first, but once you do a few, you will become a prioritized secret shopper. You may find that you get paid for your time and free items.

Try Freelancing
What are you good at? If it’s making food, have you considered doing a freelance meal service or catering business? If it’s writing, have you considered offering your services for pay? Whatever you do, it is possible that there is a market for you to do it on the side and get paid for it.

Mid-Level Marketing
While you should exercise extreme caution in doing mid-level marketing programs (popular ones are cosmetics, essential oils, or even tupperware) because often people end up spending much more than they make, but look into opportunitiesĀ available to you if you’re a motivated salesperson.

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