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Apps that Will Help You Stay on Budget

Did you know there a lot of different apps for your phone or computer that will help you stay on budget? The key to successfully keeping a budget is tracking the money you spend as you spend it and staying within the limits of your budget!

Using an app that is easy to use is incredibly important–especially if you’re budgeting within your family with multiple spenders. Below are are a few options. We recommend that you do additional research and then try them out. Use the one that works best for you.


This is a service that you can sign up for and connect to your bank account and cards if you so choose. If you download the app to your phone, it tracks your spending habits and sends you notifications.  Click here to learn more.


Very similar to Mint, YNAB stands for You Need A Budget. For a small fee, you can sign up and either manually enter your information or import information from your bank. You can download the app and load in your budgeting information! You can start with a 34 day free trial by clicking here.

PocketGuard Budget App

This app focuses on the big picture: what money you have left in your budget. It also works with the Apple Watch and sends notifications to it, if you have one! It is also designed to help you save money and guard against spending frivolous money. Get more info here.

Good Budget

This budgeting app allows you to slide the scales and make changes on the fly in your budget. Click here to learn more about this app.

Have you tried any budgeting apps? What are your favorite ones? What tips do you have for other men and women who are on a budget?

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