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Low Carb Treats

Modern nutritional science tells us that it’s not fat that is making Americans fat, but excessive simple carbohydrates and processed foods! Simple carbs include things like white bread, white rice, cake, cookies, sodas, juices, and other sugar-filled drinks and treats.

Simple carbohydrates are processed in the body just like raw sugar. They spike your blood sugar levels and the they drop off quickly and cause those levels to crash. This results in a number of problems in your body: hormone imbalance, harm to healthy bacteria in the gut, etc. This constant rising and crashing can, over time, result in organ damage and cause conditions such as diabetes.

So if we are going to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in our diet, does that mean that we need to give up all desserts? No!

While you should, ideally, reduce the portion size and times per week that you eat dessert, you don’t need to completely get rid of all sweet treats. Here are a few low carb versions of foods you already love:

Low Carb Browned Butter Skillet Cookie

This version of a skillet chocolate chip cookie replaces wheat flour with almond flour. It also has reduced sugar and different sweeteners.

Frozen yogurt

It’s easy to make at home in almost any flavor you like! Use a blender to combine equal parts of greek yogurt and the fruit of your choice. Add honey as sweetener to taste, but be sparing. Use ripe fruit for the natural sugar for added sweetness without the simple carbohydrate blood sugar spike. Freeze until mixture is soft, but not hard.

Low Carb Lemon Cheesecake Bars

You can still have decadent treats that are low carb. This recipe uses almond flour, coconut oil, and a few other low carb substitutions.

Sugar Free Coffee Ricotta Mousse

You’ll never go back to the “real” stuff after trying this one! Sugar free coffee ricotta mousse is perfect for a fancy date night dinner at home!

Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Balls

Using coconut flour is a great way to reduce the number of carbohydrates in a dessert! Check out how this recipe substitutes other high carb ingredients for better choices.


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