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St. Patrick’s Day Treats and Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day is next week and it’s a wonderful holiday for believers all around the world to celebrate!

The holiday is, as is easily assumed, to in honor of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. There are many legends about what he did during his life–including banishing all of the snakes from Ireland–but what he is most widely known for is bringing the Gospel to the people of Ireland. Before the spread of Christianity, the habitants of the emerald isles were pagan.¬†While there is evidence of some Christian practices on the island before he landed there, St. Patrick is often credited with the spread of our faith there.

See? Doesn’t that sound like something worth celebrating? Here are a few Irish and St. Patrick’s Day themed goodies and crafts for you to try!

Try a Wreath!

Decorate your door with any one of these beautiful wreaths! Our favorite one lets you upcycle old bits of green fabrics! Don’t forget that wreaths also make a nice inside decoration as well!

Make a Pot of Gold

Whether you keep this at home or gift it to someone to put on their desk, this pot of gold is sure to brighten more than a few faces!

DIY Irish Coffee Mugs

Here is a very easy, kid-friendly craft for March 17th! These DIY Mugs make a great gift for teachers, pastors, or friends!

St. Patrick’s Day Trail Mix

Looking for a quick and easy treat to stuff into a lunch box? This St. Patrick’s Day Trail Mix is the perfect snack, with a hint of green!

Green Velvet Cupcakes

Got a sweet tooth? There’s nothing like red velvet cake! But this time it’s green! Try this decadent treat and don’t forget to share with friends, coworkers, and neighbors! You’ll be the talk of the town!

Do you have favorite treats or crafts for this holiday? Please share them below! Don’t forget to enjoy some corned beef and cabbage for dinner!

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