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Easter on a Budget

Even though the holiday itself is all about Jesus and the fact that our God lives, there are many traditions that are associated with Easter that can get a little bit expensive if you’re not careful!

Easter Baskets

Do you have small children in your home that would love to do an Easter egg hunt? Many parents are tempted to do Easter baskets and to fill them with treats, toys, and games. If you need to save a little money, try getting a smaller basket. Fill it with one or two sugary treats (because they don’t need more than that!) and one or two other small things. Don’t get wrapped up in a need to give more than you normally would.

Easter Clothes

We all grew up hearing that we need to wear our “Sunday best” to church. In fact, most of us grew up (and still do) seeing others wearing the best of their Sunday best on Easter Sunday. The problem is that new clothes for the whole family, or even just yourself, can get really pricey!

We want to encourage you in two ways here. First, Jesus never once asks us to dress nicely to church. It’s a common American practice, but it is by no means required. Second, if you were to rewear something you already have or just wear your normal clothing, instead of spending money you don’t have on something new, Jesus and any true followers of Christ will accept you just the way you are–new outfit or not.

Easter Lunch/Dinner

If you’re hoping to host a big Easter lunch or dinner for family and friends, don’t be afraid to ask others to provide a few items. You could even assign items like plates, napkins, sides, and desserts. Do whatever makes sense for your group of guests, but don’t feel you have to shoulder the entire meal expense yourself. Most people are more than happy to help!

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