Are You Ready to Get Married?

Spring is here, and so is wedding season. If you and your partner have known each other a long time, you might be eager to get engaged and then married. But are you ready? Every couple is different, but there are certain signs that you’re ready for marriage you should look for when considering the question.

You Love All of Your Partner

This includes the annoying little habits he or she indulges in and the hobbies you don’t share. You two will never agree on everything; that’s not the point of marriage. The point is enjoying the mundane moments and being willing to embrace each other’s quirks. You also need to be able to enjoy being together in silence and monotony, not just on fun dates.

You Aren’t Interested in Anyone Else

If the idea of playing the field no longer appeals to you, you may be ready for marriage. This also means breaking off contact with exes (unless an important matter like child custody is an issue). Ask yourself: “Can I picture myself with this person long-term—even forever?” If the answer is yes, you’re probably ready.

You Can Fight Fair

“Fighting fair” means doing your best to listen to the other person’s side of the argument. It means taking in what he or she says, not planning what you’ll say next. Couples who fight fair don’t bring up the past, stoop to manipulation, threaten divorce, or get physical.

You’re Making Long-Term Plans

Have you and your partner discussed how you want to handle money? Whether you want to have children, how many, and when? Where you’ll live? Answering these questions is crucial to getting ready for marriage. If you don’t agree on the answers, you probably need to wait.

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