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Inviting Someone to Church for Easter

Did you know that, other than Christmas, Easter Sunday is the highest attended Sunday of the entire year?

While we celebrate the fact that our God is alive on this blessed day, for many it’s considered a cultural event, or something that you “should” do to honor more religious family members.

While that is probably heartbreaking to most Christians, there is also an opportunity in this! If someone is willing to get in the door and hear about the love of Jesus, even if it’s initially for the wrong reasons, there’s still a greater chance that they will really hear something that will touch their hearts!

Invite Your Friends to Go to Church With You

Even though many will go to some kind of church service on Easter, invite your friend, coworker, or loved one to go with you on Easter Sunday. This is not to pressure them or to create a situation where they feel the need to impress you. Try saying something like, “Hey, I’m going already and I’d love to have some company! You could sit with me if you don’t want to be alone or if you want to do your own thing, I’d be happy to meet up afterwards and say hello!” Allowing flexibility is a great way to invite someone without making them feel forced into anything.

Preach with your Actions

If you’ve been judgmental or unkind towards someone during the rest of the year, you probably shouldn’t plan on having them be very receptive to the Gospel on Easter because you invited them. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you consider your relationship and how you’ve been perceived by the other person.

Encourage Conversation after Easter

While you don’t need to ask someone something like, “So, did you like it? Do you accept Jesus into your heart now?” Instead, ask questions or make comments like these:

  • Did you grow up going to church? Was it similar or different from your past experiences?
  • What did you think of the service?
  • If you ever have any thoughts or questions, I might not know all of the answers, but I know someone who might! I’d love to talk more about this! Jesus changed my life and He is my favorite topic of conversation!

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