Cultivating Relationships with Grandparents

Most of our children are blessed to have at least one grandparent in their lives. Cultivate relationships with grandparents, not only because they’re older but because they have valuable wisdom and experiences we and our children can use in our everyday lives.

However, some grandparents live too far away to see their grandchildren regularly. Others are in poor health; some cannot communicate well or remember who others are. Also, children often pull away from grandparents as they get older and focus more on friends and activities. To make sure your child stays close to his or her grandparents, try our tips.

Talk Often

Plan regular visits to grandparents’ homes or assisted living centers. If grandparents live far away, teach them to Skype or set up dates for Face Time. If your children aren’t sure what to say, prep them in advance with ideas, such as, “Ask Grandma what she liked to do when she was your age” or “Grandpa owned his own business; I know you would like to someday. He probably has some advice for you.”

Find Common Ground

The generation gap is a problem for old and young people. Help your kids, especially preteens and teens, to bridge it. If your child’s grandparents like to read, perhaps he or she can show them how a Kindle works. If your child plays a sport, invite grandparents to come to the games or record them to watch later. Help your children and their grandparents find an activity they can do together, such as knitting or watching favorite movies.

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