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Family Fun Night and A Dog’s Purpose

It is easy in the middle of summer to get caught up in extracurricular activities, work, and other stressors. Putting those things aside and spending time together as a family is very important. Making a routine family fun night can bring a sense of togetherness, and will show your kids you value spending time with them.

The Importance of Family Activities

Children will never forget meaningful one-on-one time or the memories they make spending time as a whole family. The more time your family spends together, the more likely you are to consistently share in meaningful experiences. As your children get older it can be easy to spend less and less time together since the children aren’t fully relying on you anymore.

Make it a point to schedule a family night where each member of the family gets to take turns picking an activity. This could include dinner, game night, movies, or playing outdoors. Allowing your spouse and children to each pick an activity shows you value what they enjoy doing and want to share in the experience with them.

Another important lesson you are teaching your children is the importance of putting aside work or other things deemed important to spend time together. This will help them balance their lives as they grow into adults. The example you and you spouse are setting for them makes an impact on their choices for the rest of their life.

Family Movie Night

One fun way to celebrate family night is by seeing a movie. The recently released, A Dog’s Purpose, is a great story promoting Christian morals and values. The movie is rated PG for some violent themes. This movie touches the heart and can teach a valuable lesson to your children about caring for an animal. It shares a beautiful message about the companionship animals can bring, and can introduce your family to some great talking points.

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