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How Much Money Do You Really Need?

Some people can never seem to get enough money. “Seem” is the operative word here. A lot of the time we are desiring more and more money in order to live a certain way or to maintain a certain lifestyle. These desires keep us from being our most Christ-like selves.


Spending time, money, and effort chasing after material items can do more harm than good. You put yourself in a bad situation financially, cause problems amongst your family, and waste your time. Most importantly, you are hurting your relationship with God. When God created us he wanted us to love people and use objects second. When we focus on loving objects, we end up using people. Money is necessary and there are things that we need in order to survive. Beyond those things are excess, which brings you away from God.

What do We Need?

The Bible challenges us to determine what we really need. A roof over our heads, food on our table, and clothes to wear is a great start. Spending excessive amounts of money on material items like expensive cars, homes, or designer brand clothes means your mind is in the wrong place. All we need are the simple things that allow us to survive without suffering.

How to Be Mindful of Your Spending

Wanting to buy things or have all the latest trends is natural. This is a sign of temptation and can eventually lead us down a bad path. Making a lot of purchases is usually impulsive, and can leave us feeling regretful afterwards. Here are some quick tips to help cut back your spending and get back in the right mind space with God.

  1. Try to focus on spending only what is necessary for one week. Limit yourself and don’t buy anything extra.
  2. Avoid using a credit card. Racking up these kinds of bills can haunt you for a long time down the road.
  3. Give yourself a budget. Planning your financials for a week or a month helps you to be prepared and makes you more accountable.

4. Save for small extras. It is ok to treat yourself or your family every once and while with an extra treat.

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