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Finding Balance as a Working Mom, Mompreneur, or Home Manager

Being a mom and working, or an entrepreneur, is challenging. Finding time to get it all done and balance the needs of home and work is difficult. There are some key ways you can make the right sacrifices and keep your family life intact while “doing it all.” In this article, Drenda Keesee tells her story of struggling to find time and how she was able to make it all work together:

With more than half the workforce comprised of working moms, many women struggle to balance work and home life.

Seasons in life have differ­ent challenges. You decide how to meet those challenges by determining what is the greatest priority in that season and how to balance family life with it. It’s important to begin to build today for the life you want to have tomorrow, and this especially holds true in the family and a business enterprise.

Gary and I decided more than thirty years ago that we would develop and manage a business as a husband and wife team. I would work at our business from home with our small children and growing family, and Gary would go on sales calls and man­age the office. Of course, there was the question of whether we could afford one income stream, but we chose to make it work for the well-being of our children.

Gary and I made many sacrifices, but we never sacrificed our children. Not having the best car and living in an 1800s farmhouse with one bathroom for a season were small sacrifices in comparison to being able to raise our children.

You have to do what you need to do to make it work.

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