Foreign or Domestic Adoption? The Pros and Cons

Some families know right away whether they’ll adopt a child from the U.S. or another country, but others spend a long time seeking guidance through prayer. Neither approach is better than the other, but one may be more conducive to your family’s lifestyle. Consider these pros and cons.

Foreign Adoption

Pros: There are several countries across the world open to foreign adoptions. If you want to adopt an older child, foreign adoption can be easier. Additionally, a child’s orphan status must be confirmed before an international adoption can happen. There’s no risk that a birth parent or a guardian will try to claim the child later.

Cons. The cost of international adoption is high and includes visas, travel papers, and similar paper work. Most countries, agencies, and orphanages expect program fees. Also, if you want to adopt a baby, your wait may be longer. International children must be orphans, and this is more common for older children than babies. Finally, the language barrier may pose issues between you, the child, and agency workers.

Domestic Adoption

Pros. Domestically adopted children are generally healthy; medical care is readily available for those with health needs. Public and private adoptions are possible, so if you want your child to keep in touch with birth parents, he or she can. Both boys and girls are readily available, and children of all ages can be adopted.

Cons. The biggest con might be that a birth mother or father may change his or her mind at any time during the process. Additionally, the wait for a domestically adopted child is usually longer.

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