GEB is Now on KAXT in San Jose, California!


– UPDATE – 2019

Sadly KAXT was sold and GEB Network is no longer available in the Bay Area. Go to our How To Watch page for many other ways you can watch GEB Network.

Faith-and-family television’s GEB America and KAXT of San Jose, California have announced a broadcast partnership to provide the best in Christian television programming to the California Bay Area, starting June 1st.

KAXT-CD serves San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and the Silicon Valley television market. The station is independently run and owned by OTA Broadcasting LLC.

Tulsa-based GEB America, operated by Oral Roberts University, providing a 24-hour mix of educational and culturally relevant programming that showcases the world’s best inspirational voices, along with high-value redemptive movies, series, and entertainment.

“GEB America exists to help people live well; spirit, mind and body,” said GEB America’s Chief Executive Officer, Ossie Mills. “And we hope that our content will be a great blessing to the people of the Bay Area, impacting their lives in a hope-filled, meaningful way.”

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    • The station in San Jose was sold and so we are no longer on in the Bay Area. You can watch all of our programs via our web apps on your smart phone or on the web by clicking on the watch Live button on GEB.tv

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