Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

When most people hear the word “health,” they think of physical health and what it takes to keep their bodies in shape, such as eating right, exercising, and getting adequate sleep. But what about mental health? Studies indicate mental health is declining, especially among millennials. Here are a few key ways to boost your mental health.


Reading is one of the easiest and best ways to keep your mind sharp and improve mental health. Most reading provides a healthy escape and an outlet for relaxation, and a number of today’s books are educational in some way—even if they don’t look it. For example, reading The Hunger Games may get you interested in developing survival skills. Reading a series like The Chronicles of Narnia with your kids provides an opportunity to talk about topics like allegory and the role of Christ in our lives.

Appreciate Silence

We live in a fast-paced and noisy world. On any given day, our cell phones are ringing, our computers are beeping, and we’re listening to several conversations at once. Quiet your mind with meditation, prayer, and other practices, such as using an adult coloring book. These will help you refocus so later you can work on your tasks more effectively.

Use Positive Self Talk

Often, our mental health suffers because we speak negativity over ourselves. It’s crucial to fill your mind with positive self-talk. Enjoy your accomplishments; feel free to say things like, “I completed that difficult work project, and I did well. I am a smart and efficient person.” Instead of saying, “I’m so fat; I will never lose weight,” say things like, “I lost one pound today. That’s great!” or, “I resisted eating unhealthy food today. I am strong.”