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Springtime Exercises

Now that the days are getting longer and the temperature is starting to warm up (slightly), there’s a new and exciting opportunity available to you again: the opportunity to exercise outside again without fear of frostbite or other dangers brought on by cold weather. Here are a few suggestions for springtime exercises:


It doesn’t matter if you just open your front door and start walking or if you decide to go to a local park, springtime is the best time of year to just go for a walk! Need some ideas on places to go walking? Try a local botanical garden, the mall (if it’s still too cold), any type of path or trail, and even open-air tracks. Doesn’t matter where, but even when you’re tired, try to get as much walking in as possible. Did you know that it’s recommended you get 10,000 steps in a day? Get moving!

Move Your Normal Routine Outdoors

Have you been doing something inside all winter long? Take it outside! Take your yoga mat and place it out on the grass! You’ll enjoy so much more of your practice seeing the beautiful flowers around you and hearing the birds chirping! Do you normally do something else? Brainstorm with a friend how might you take it outside?

Start Preparing for a Summer Adventure

Have you been dying to try kayaking? Looking forward to rock climbing or running in a half marathon this summer? The springtime is the perfect time of year to begin training for your new activity!

Always Remember to Be Safe

Make sure to dress in layers when working outside. This allows you to prevent yourself from getting too hot or too cold. Be especially careful after a rainstorm as you may easily misjudge the depth of a puddle and twist and ankle. Also, if you’re near traffic at all, make sure to dress yourself in reflective materials.

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