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Spring Cleaning Hacks


It’s spring and now all of those projects that have been piling up all winter long are probably starting to drive you a little bit crazy. But maybe more than anything, spring is a wonderful time to open up your windows and clean out the things that have been disregarded during the colder months.

But why make things harder than they need to be? Here’s a list of spring cleaning hacks that will make your life easier:

Try the Kon Mari Method

Does the amount of stuff you have prevent you from properly cleaning your house? Watch a few episodes of Tidying Up on Netflix or get the book The Life Changing Joy of Tidying Up from the library. You’ll learn all about this method of removing clutter and simplifying your life so that you can actually get to the things you need to clean.

Easy Screen Cleaning

Do you usually use Windex or vinegar to clean your window screens? While that may remove some dirt, it is tedious work! Try using a lint roller first to capture larger particles and then take the screens out to wash them.

Reduce Scrubbing in the Microwave

Need to clean out your microwave? Heat up a bowl of vinegar before you start scrubbing! You’ll be shocked at how much it loosens up cooked-on crud! Just be very careful not to burn yourself with that hot vinegar.

Take Off the Vents

Do you try to clean out your vents by spraying/wiping them? Just take them out and wash them in the tub. Make sure you dry them thoroughly, but you’ll save a ton of time.

Use a Screwdriver

Do you have really hard to reach places that need to be cleaned? Sometimes using a flathead screwdriver with a piece of cloth over it — a rag, a dryer sheet, etc.– is the perfect way to get into those hard to reach places that need a little elbow grease.

Clean Grout the Easy Way

Do you have grout around tiles in your shower or other places in your home? Use the no-drip formula of toilet bowl cleaners and you’ll be shocked how easy it is to “draw” on the bleach, let it sit, and then just rinse away mildew instead of scrubbing for hours.

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