Finding God in Nature

Many Christians turn to creation to find God or strengthen their relationship with Him. Genesis describes God creating the Earth with His own hands. It’s an ongoing reflection of His beauty and awesomeness. Turning to nature in your time of need can bring you closer to your faith and remind you how wonderful life is when you see it through God’s eyes.

Finding Inner Peace

There’s nothing more tranquil than a bench in a garden or a solitary walk down a forest path. If you’ve ever spent time alone in nature, you’ve felt the incredible tranquility and inner peace that nature generates. Being away from the constraints of our daily lives—our duties, responsibilities, and identities—can bring forth feelings of joy and deep content.

Finding a Connection

The experiences you have in nature can be incredibly rewarding. Simply breathing in fresh air and watching the wildlife around you can give you a connection to the Earth. It may be a small reminder to consider the lilies, as Jesus tells us to do in Luke. Knowing God cares for even the smallest of these may help you put your life into perspective.

Finding Meaning

If you feel down in life, there’s no better place to put things into perspective than the great outdoors. Staring up at a sky with billions of stars will make your worries feel small. The immense power of nature can make you realize that God has a plan and looks after you like He does all of His creatures.

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