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How Should Christians Plan for Retirement?

The discussion of how or why Christians should retire has always been interesting. God calls us to do his work for as long as we are healthy. Retirement seems to have the opposite idea in that we feel we have done enough work in our lives and we should enjoy the time to relax and live life to its fullest.

What is Best for You?

Some people take God’s word that we should work until we are no longer healthy enough to work very seriously. These individuals will spend little to no time planning for retirement since they don’t see themselves getting to that place. Others who are financially fortunate enough to support themselves and stop working, utilize this time to start doing more of God’s work.

How Should We Plan?

Instead of focusing on the vacation home you are going to buy, or all the traveling you are going to do in your free time, plan your retirement full of service you are going to give to God. It is our faith that our older years are not meant to be spent solely in the pursuit of pleasure.

Instead of golf or social functions, save your extras to support your children. Your lifetime of earnings can serve as a spiritual heritage to pass along to children and grandchildren. If you have acquired wealth in your years working, try not to get caught up planning extravagant things for your retirement. Discover the places and people God wants you to share your wealth. Ask yourself if you are planning reasonably.

It is responsible to plan for your retirement regardless of what age you decide to stop working. We need to spend time reflecting on all God has given us and how we can use those means to better our family and contribute towards God’s work.

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