How to Choose a Charity

2 Corinthians 9:7 explains how we must give as we have decided in our hearts, not reluctantly or under compulsion. Again and again, the Bible tells us the importance of generosity, giving to others, and honoring the Lord with our wealth. Many Christians fulfill this duty by donating to worthwhile charities. If you’re considering becoming a donor, here are the best ways to choose which charity is right for you.

Browse Your Options

If you don’t know where to start looking for a charity, how will you ever choose one? The best place to start is browsing GuideStar, a database of nonprofits throughout the world. Here you can find a charity’s mission, expenses, goals, and more.

You can perform a search if you have an idea of what type of cause you’d like to support, such as world hunger or developing nation healthcare, and see which charities come up. What cause you support is completely up to you. Think about what matters to you the most, where you think your money will be put to best use, and who needs your help the most.

Check Your Facts

Before you settle on a charity, make sure it’s a real organization. Ensure your donation is secure by looking for red flags during your search. Use sites such as CharityWatch for ratings on different charities, and double-check your top choices in their database of known scams. Giving thoughtfully is the best way to put your wealth to good use and serve God through generosity.

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