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Best Bible Apps

In the modern age, many Christians might see technology as a distraction from faith. However, technology and Christianity can work together for a common good. Many Christians have pioneered the use of technology to spread the word of the Lord to the next generation and to keep Christ alive in the digital age. These three Bible apps have seen incredible success across all age groups.

The Bible App

The Bible App has many different versions and translations of the Holy Bible (and audio versions as well). You can have the Bible read aloud to you while driving or read it when you have a moment to spare at work. With this app, connect with friends and share your favorite Bible verses and make notes and bookmark verses for the future. You can also search for specific verses or parables.

Bible in One Year

This app is fantastic for people who consistently try to read the Bible in its entirety but can’t seem to finish. It gives you readings from the Bible every day for a year, at which point you’ll have read the whole thing. Bible in One Year has commentary you can read alongside your daily Bible reading to help you get a fresh understanding of the text.


Verse-A-Day automatically sends you a new Bible verse every day on your mobile device. The verse comes complete with commentary and the ability to share on social media. This app is perfect if you want a constant stream of uplifting Bible verses to start your day every day.

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